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Due to the Covid-19 lockdown we are unable to produce our usual West Kent News for the month of May

But our team have been busy putting togther a May Newsletter for you which you can download and read by clicking on the link below.

May Newsletter - West Kent


CIO Update April 2020


I am sure that the CIO change-over is the last thing you want to be thinking about in these troubled times but we have started the legal process of changing the Federation to a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) so it is important that we give you an update.

The Change-over process has four parts to it:

  1. We needed a two thirds majority vote on the resolution to change at a Special Meeting of the Federation. Many thanks to everyone who supported us in giving us a 100% vote in favour of the resolution at the meeting on 5thMarch 2020 at Tunbridge Wells.
  2. We needed to complete, with the help of our Solicitor, the lengthy application to the Charity Commission to ask them to register us as a new CIO charity. This process was completed on the Charity Commission by 4thMarch 2020. The new charity is now set up ready for us to change over.
  3. We still need the approval from NFWI at the National Annual Meeting in June 2020. But this meeting has been cancelled. The following email from Melissa Green, NFWI General Secretary, deals with this matter:

“I have already spoken with Kerri (McGarvie) our Board Secretary about this as it is one of the requirements from the AM (Annual Meeting) that we need to ensure we cover in whatever we put in place to replace the AM event. 

These are unprecedented times and we have so many legal and constitutional disruptions to address, but in the meantime as your CIO process has been approved (thank goodness they were so quick in getting confirmation to you ahead of the disruptions due to Coronavirus) you can now go forward as a CIO, even if the AM ‘announcement’ has yet to happen.

Once we have had a chance to work with our legal team to agree what needs to be in place in lieu of the AM event I will let you know and this will include the CIO announcement for you and other federations that have made the transition this year.”

  1. So now, when we are ready, we can now change all of our business arrangements and accounts over to the CIO. We had hoped to do this at the end of September to coincide with the ends of the Federation financial year. Realistically this is not going to happen during the coronavirus shut down. The resolution passed at Tunbridge Wells on 5th March stated that we had 12 months to make the change over or we would have to come back to a new meeting and a second vote of approval. Hopefully life will return to normal and we can complete the process in that time. If not, we will have another vote next March.

As far as I know there is no time limit on our registration of the new CIO so we will complete the process eventually. The Federation has invested time and money into this change so it is important that, in writing this letter, we are showing that we are accountable to our members.

These are difficult and uncertain times. We have health and safely to concern ourselves with. But having started this legal process, we cannot just forget about it.

Best wishes to you all; keep safe and well.

Caroline Davis – Vice-Chairman West Kent Federation


Lady Denman Cup Competition 2020

"What I heard on the bus....."


Using no more than 500 words, WI members are invited to submit a piece of writing, either comical, serious, fact or fiction, based on a conversation they have overheard, or imagined they had heard, on the bus.

Entries can be submitted either via email or by hard copy

Entrants must submit four copies of their entry, typed if possible, on A4 paper. Your name and WI is to be written only on the first copy, together with a word count.

Entries to

Federation Secretary, Ethel Hunt Lodge, 4 Hawkwell Business Centre, Maidstone Road, Pembury, Kent TN2 4AG or email to fedsec@wkfwi.org.uk to arrive no later than Friday 26 June 2020

Application forms are available from the Federation Office



Congratulations to the following WIs who are celebrating their centenaries in 2020.

Paddock Wood








Chelsfield Afternoon

West Peckham

All good wishes for successful celebrations, we look forward to sharing your reports in West Kent News


WI Mailboxes

Ladies, please note that all enquiries for new members to join a WI will be handled by the Federation Secretaries in the future.

The secretaries will provide the meeting details of the relevant WI and provide the enquirer with the WI Mailbox contact.

This does mean that someone from your WI committee will need to check your Mailbox on a regular basis as we do not wish to lose any potential new members.

If you have any queries regarding accessing or using your WI Mailbox, please contact Clair on sysadmin@wkfwi.org.uk or telephone 01892 823813


Reminder to all WI Secretaries

You will recently have received your Federation Yearbooks and you will notice that, due to the introduction of the new General Data Protection Regulation, personal email addresses for WI officers are not included. We strongly encourage you to make use of your WI Mailbox issued by the Federation.

The Federation office will now be using your WI Mailbox to contact you with all Federation news, Denman offers and new member enquiries. It is vital that this mailbox is checked on a regular basis.

If you have any issues accessing your WI Mailbox or need a reminder of your login details which were originally sent out in the September 2017 EMP, please contact Clair Samuell on sysadmin@wkfwi.org.uk or telephone the office on 01892 823813.